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Activities for the Junior Firefighter

Each year, fire departments around the country play host to a number of junior firefighters and various explorer camps. Activities vary from camp to camp, but always include learning about teamwork, and what it takes to be a firefighter. If you have a youngster who may be interested in one of these camps, we will be providing information at this years barbecue event.

Our Junior Firefighters camp provides both a classroom and practical training to further the children’s knowledge, skills and abilities to be a part of firefighting and emergency services. The two week long camp covers basic fire safety knowledge, fire ground operations, first aid and CPR. Also included is practical exercise, training in the use of fire extinguishers, how to handle hazardous materials, the use of emergency equipment and much more.

Fun is not forgotten at junior firefighter camp. We try and incorporate most of the training activities into exciting events that keep the kids entertained and happy participants. Camp starts with the set up of everyone’s tent. We provide family sized tents for groups of four, but insist that the kids learn how to stake them as a group. This is just the first of many activities that build on the importance of teamwork.

Once the tents are in place and the kids have their gear organized, we clean up and arrange the camping area with tables and a fire pit for meal time. Kids are expected to help search for firewood on their own, so it may not be a bad idea to pack a compass as suggested by We then go over some basic fire safety tips, and teach the campers about safely lightly and extinguishing a camp fire.

After getting set up, the activities become more specific to fire training, yet we allow at least one free form activity a day. This could be swimming or boating in the nearby lake, a game of baseball on the main field, or a period of arts and crafts, where your token camping gift will be constructed.

At this years barbecue event, there will be a number of junior firefighter camp alumni as well as instructors who will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. This will give you a good idea of what the camp is about, and how the children learned from the experience.

Take some time out from the egg race and pulled pork to see what we have in store at junior firefighter camp. If you have a youngster who has their eyes set on this noble profession, they will be thrilled with the experience.

The Electric Toothbrush Drawing Contest for This Year’s Barbecue

Every year we try and come up with new competitions for our growing mass of bbq attendees. This year someone suggested a painting contest, but that seemed too easy, so we decided to make it a painting competition using an electric toothbrush.

We have had art related contests before with great success. We did paper mache contests, sculptures using paper cups, forks, and plates and even a real drawing contest where the winner had to create the best caricature of one of our firemen. This year we wanted to make it a fun challenge, using an ultrasonic electric toothbrush to draw a fire truck. (They can clean it off with a high powered oral irrigator afterwards!)

Where Did We Come up With the Idea of Using an Electric Toothbrush

When we first started considering the drawing contest, we considered a number of things to try and make it more challenging. Some thought it would be fun to use something like a large rock, and create over-sized paper weights. Others thought that maybe we should use finger paints. One even though it would be a good idea to use a non-toxic paint and have people paint with their tongues, but that was just too out there. Then someone mentioned a toothbrush, someone else laughed and said it should be electric, and the idea was born.

linemann_paintingHow to Enter

We have made a deal with the local drugstore and they have ordered a surplus of electric toothbrushes that will be specially priced. These are of good quality too, so while you are picking up one for the contest, go ahead and get one for each member of your family. We checked review sites and these get great reviews from people who have used them.

Once you have your electric toothbrush ready, you can sign up for this contest at the local fire house. For this contest we are asking for pre-registration to get an idea of how much paint and paper we are going to need. Once signed up you will be included on the list of participants. On the day of the barbecue, you will need to present yourself at the main table after lunch, and take your place at the table.

What Can You Draw With the Electric Toothbrush

We are looking to decorate the main hall of the firehouse with original artwork of how it looks, so all paintings must be depictions of that building. We will have a large photograph set up for you to work off of, and a full palate of colors to choose from. The contest is for 30 minutes, so you are going to want to practice your electric toothbrush painting skills to be fast.

We have a great prize lined up for the winner, and all participants will get a free dental check-up at the clinic. We know that this is something off of the wall, but as you know if you have been to our barbecues in the past, we don’t do run of the mill when it comes to our contests.


Top Prizes For Our Firefighter Barbecue Contests

This year’s barbecue is set to be a blast, with tons of great people, great food and fun contests. The firehouse, and some local businesses have all been kind enough to give up some goods for free that we can offer up as prizes. Take a look at the generosity that our barbecue is being blessed with:

  • Free admission to the theatre. That’s right, two free passes to the local movie theatre are up for grabs. And these are not for Sunday matinees either. These are tickets perfect for a Saturday night date. Just remember to bring some money for the popcorn.
  • Firefighter helmets for the kids will also be offered up as prizes, as the firehouse went ahead and special ordered a batch for tiny heads. All the winners will need with that prize is the bright yellow jacket, and they are good to go to join the force.
  • The deli downtown is giving away a top prize of a free breakfast sandwich a day for one week. 2 eggs and the meat of your choice plus a cup of joe or a juice. That sounds like a prize you can really sink your teeth into.
  • Our local essential oil specialist is donating 5 essential oil diffuser necklaces for the top five winners in the bake off contests. The women are going to go crazy for these unique diffuser necklaces that allow them to emit natural aromas all day long.
  • The grocer is giving away a month of free delivery once a week. Think of the time you are going to save by not having to go out to do your food shopping chores.
  • For the fireman quote contest, the electronic store has graciously donated an iPad mini 3 for the top prize. We are proud of the spirit of this particular contest, and extremely grateful for such a generous donation to help inspire people to participate.
  • A top prize for our children’s competitions is a new Nintendo DS hand held video game. This is a toy that has been all the rage for years, and will certainly be an incentive for the kids to join in on the fun.
  • Nintendo_ds
  • We are also happy to have received a donation of 3 free cooking classes for the firefighter who barbecues up the best grub. This is a pair, so he is free to take his better half to go along.

This is turning out to be quite the event, with plenty of fun planned for everyone. Gather the whole family and join us for a the biggest barbecue party of the year.

Firefighter Quote Contest for the Barbecue

At the core of our annual barbecue is the firehouse and the firemen who serve there. We have nothing but the deepest respect and appreciation for these men and women who risk their lives to save ours. In honor of these brave individuals, we thought we would share some quotes about the fireman, and the industry. Some are from movies, some actors and some have been passed around for generations.

“The funny thing about firemen is, night and day, they are always firemen.” Gregory Widen, Backdraft
“I’ve had tons of odd jobs, but I think that I would probably be a fireman because you get to see the results of your job.  You get there and there is a house on fire.  You leave and there’s not a fire anymore.”  Luke Perry –actor best known for his role as troubled teen Dylan on the ‘90’s drama series 90210 Beverly Hills.

“When a man becomes a fireman his greatest act of bravery has been accomplished.  What he does after that is all in the line of work.”  Edward F. Croker- FDNY Fire Chief from 1899-2011

“I have no ambition in this world but one, and that is to be a fireman.  The position may, in the eyes of some, appear to be a lowly one; but we who know the work which the fireman has to do believe that his is a noble calling.  Our proudest moment is to save lives.”  Edward F. Croker

“If Prometheus was worthy of the wrath of heaven for kindling the first fire upon earth, how ought all the gods honor the men who make it their professional business to put it out?”  John Godfrey Saxe – American Poet best known for his work “The Blind Man and the Elephant” as well as his ever changing beard styles. You will need a top of line beard trimmer to emulate some of his beards.

John“I can think of no more stirring symbol of man’s humanity to man than a fire engine.”  Kurt Vonnegut- American author (and also another well known wearer of beards and high quality premium oils.)

“Seems to me the basic conflict between men and women, sexually, is that men are like firemen.  To men, sex is an emergency, and no matter what we’re doing we can be ready in two minutes.  Women, on the other hand, are like fire.  They’re very exciting, but the conditions have to be exactly right for it to occur.”  Jerry Seinfeld-American comedian and star of the highly popular series named for him in the ‘90’s.

“When fire is cried and danger is neigh,
“God and the firemen” is the people’s cry;
But when ’tis out and all things righted,
God is forgotten and the firemen slighted.”
Author unknown, from The Fireman’s Journal, 18 Oct 1879

“All men are created equal, than a few become firemen.”  Author Unknown

“Firefighters save hearts and homes.”  Author Unknown

“Firefighters are hot stuff!”  Author Unknown- ain’t that the truth, just wait until you taste their bbq ribs.

“Hug a firefighter and feel warm all over.”  Author Unknown, but only with the wives permission

“If you think it’s tough being a firefighter, try being a firefighter’s wife.”  Author Unknown, speaking of

“Firefighting – one of the few professions left that still makes house calls.”  Author Unknown

There are dozens of others, but these represent our favorites. If you have a favorite quote about firemen, put it on a placard and we will display it during our barbecue, and vote on the best one at the end of the day. The winner gets a special surprise.

Fun Events Planned for the Firefighters Annual BBQ

The firefighters are planning on serving up more than just food for this year’s barbecue celebration. We have fun events planned that the entire family can participate in. Some offer prizes, while with others the prize is in getting to show off your special skills and talents.

Potato Sack Race

For the kids, we have the classic potato sack race, where two get to try and work together as one. This will take place on the big field, and there will be separate races for different age groups. Try and pair kids of the same size when possible for the best chance of winning these exciting races.

Archery Competition

Archery has taken the nation by storm since the introduction of The Hunger Games into our lives. As a result, we have acquired recurve bows and beginner arrows so that we can hold a small tournament during the barbecue. Targets will be set up across the field, and lines of archers will all get their turn at them. If you have never used a recurve bow before, then attend a short lesson for beginners one hour before the tournament starts.

Softball Tournament

We had put up signs a few months back, and 2 softball teams have now formed to participate in a tournament. This will be at mid-day, before the food is set out, and you will need to bring your own chair or blanket as the venue has no bleachers. If enough kids arrive before-hand, we are thinking about a little league game to start things off.

Pie Bake Off

The ladies will be busy in the days leading up to the barbecue, baking pies and cakes for the big bake offEgg-and-spoon-race-014. Once the judges get their sample, the rest will be available for everyone to try. The ladies are encouraged to bake pies of all flavors, including our favorite key lime pie.

Egg Spoon Race

How far can you carry an egg in a spoon? This race will take place right after the potato sack race and be available for kids and grown-ups of all ages. This is a classic race at our annual barbecues that always draws a big crowd.

Jump Rope Competition

The girls are always excited about our jump rope competition, a timed event to see who has the best skills and most endurance. Don’t worry about bringing your own rope, we have plenty to share with the crowd.

Our barbecue is a full day of good food and fun. We work hard to make sure that there are activities to suit every age, so that no one is feeling left out. If you have an activity that you think would be a big hit, just let us know and we will add it.


Our Upcoming Barbecue – What’s Everyone Bringing?

Our annual firefighter’s barbecue is shaping up to be a good one, but its success is still dependent on our guests. As always some of our local families will be pitching in to offer invaluable help in making sure we have more than just barbecued burgers and dogs to go around. If you were interested in contributing some of the food, or just curious about what else is on the menu, here are some popular items we know from past experience are going to be very much appreciated.

Snack Foods – To help keep everyone busy while we get the coals going and the food on the fire, we have found that having an assortment of snacks readily available is a big help. Large bags of chips and vegetable platters with dipping sauces have all worked perfectly in the past. Guests have brought the large bags of chips and pre-made platters right from the local wholesale store.

Beverages – Most of our guests usually come armed with a few six packs or bottles of various sodas. We also have one firefighter’s wife whose sweet tea is legendary at our barbecues. What is most helpful is coolers of ice and cups so that we are able to supply cold drinks all day long.


Side Dishes – Our firefighter’s wives are wonderful at providing a wide variety of potato salads, macaroni salads and coleslaw. We also have planned a gigantic bowl of garden salad that we wouldn’t mind have some different types of dressings to go with. A local farm has also donated corn on the cob, which we will be cooking the night before and warming up just as the barbecue begins. If you have a favorite barbecue side dish- like baked beans – that you want to share, we’d be happy to have it.

Extra Food – We are also happy to have any other types of food that add to the party. In the past we have had some ladies break out their very best deep frying abilities and make large batches of fried chicken to go along with our barbecue food. The kids especially loved this so if you have a deep fryer at home and don’t mind cooking up some fried chicken drumsticks, we’d really appreciate it.

Desserts – The local ice cream truck sets up and kids are all allowed one treat of their choice. Guests also bring an assortment of cookies and cakes to share, but we also have a large cake specially made by the local bakery to commemorate the event. If you wanted to bring some extra plates and plastic forks to help us serve the cake, that would be great.

Although this is a firefighter sponsored event, we couldn’t pull it off without the help of the entire community. Be a part of the best party in town and you and your family are guaranteed some great food and a fantastic time.

Our Annual BBQ

640px-Spiers_BBQ_YMBBWelcome! We hope you are as excited as we are about this years annual firefighter’s memorial BBQ! Each year we host this event, and every one of them has turned out to be a good time. If you have not come in the past, or you are just looking to find out what will be going on this year, you have come to the right place. Below are all of the details that you will need about our BBQ.

We host this event every year for several reasons. The first is that it benefits our firefighters who are out there every day saving lives. Secondly, it allows us to honor those who have served in our company before us, along with the veterans of this country. Both have done such important work, and we think is is a nice way to honor them. Lastly, our BBQ is simply a good time. Everyone could use a day out with good food, fun games, great music, and even better people. Our goal is to make this BBQ as fun as it can be, and we think we accomplish that each and every year.

So what will be at this BBQ? We’re glad you asked. First of all, there will be plenty of food. Our firefighters will be on the grill, and we will have a wide assortment of different dishes. If you would like to bring anything, please let us know as contributions are always welcome. Just send us a message and let us know what you would like to bring and we will make sure that there is room for it. There will be enough food for all, so feel free to bring your family and your friends.

Besides food we will have music playing throughout the day. We will be playing everything from the classics to some of the newer hits so that everyone will be able to listen to something they enjoy. If you have any requests, pass them along and we will see to it that they are played!

Lastly, what kind of party would it be without games? We will have plenty of different games set up for kids and adults alike so that everyone has something to do. If you own any outdoor party games that you think people will enjoy, we would love it if you could bring them along. You can never have enough games, and the more people we can get involved the better the party will be.

We sincerely hope that you are able to make it to our BBQ this year. It is always a good time, and we are sure that you will enjoy yourself. If you can think of anyway that you would like to help out, it is always appreciated. Just get in contact with us and we will work with you to figure everything out. We look forward to celebrating with you this Memorial Day weekend.

Fire Safety Tips

"Fire-lite-bg-10". Licensed under ">CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
Fire-lite-bg-10“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Experiencing a fire in your home can be one of the worst events in your life. Not only are you and your family in danger, but all of your possessions could be lost. While you may not be able to entirely prevent a fire from breaking out, there are a few things that you can do to try and decrease the odds. We have compiled a list of tips that should help keep you safe from a fire. They will help you not only prevent a fire, but keep you safe should a fire break out.

1. Smoke Alarms – Every home should be equipped with a several smoke alarms. If a fire occurs while you are sleeping, these are the only warnings that you are going to get. It is also important to make sure that they are tested regularly to ensure that the batteries are still working. Most devices come with a button to press, so just make sure that you do that every couple of months so that you can rest easy knowing your alarms are working.

2. Unplug and Turn Off – Before you go to bed at night, you should make sure that any electronics you are not using are unplugged, and that things like stoves and ovens are turned off. Sometimes it can be easy to forget to check these, but it is important that you do. While you don’t need to unplug everything, things that draw a large current should not be left on overnight. Also just give your stove a quick walk by and see that all of the knobs are turned off so that no gas is leaking out during the night.

3. Exit Strategy – If you have other people living in your home with you, it is a good idea to go over what you will do in case of a fire. Make sure that everyone knows where the exits are, what to do if the main exit is blocked, and where to meet up. This way if you need to get outside in a hurry, you can all meet at the same spot and be sure that no one is left inside.

4. Get Out, Stay Out – When a fire breaks out, it can be tempting to try and save some of your possessions. Keep in mind that things can be replaced, but people can’t. Get out as soon as you can and don’t worry about your things. The only thing you should be concerned about when a fire is in your home is the other members of your family, and any pets. Everything else – even things like old photo albums – are not the priority.

5. Call for Help – Don’t try to fight the fire on your own. Call for the fire department as soon as you are able, then get everyone a safe distance away from your home. While a home fire extinguisher is great for small fires, small fires can quickly turn into large ones. As soon as you think a fire is out of control, get out of there right away and let the professionals handle it.